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Walk-in/Direct Traffic 
    There is still some shopping that’s best done in person. When buying big-ticket or luxury items, such as jewelry, cars and houses, you need to see and touch a product before you buy it. If your business relies on this type of in-person experience, we can help provide a whole host of digital and social methods.

Google-directed phone calls 

Facebook-directed phone calls 

Ads targeted within 5 miles

Online/Social Traffic
    Look around any place where people are gathering and you will probably notice a great portion of them engaging with their phones, scrolling and swiping. Most of your potential customers (including those 14 to 65 year of age) are now on their phones more than once per hour during the day. What are they doing? They are socializing, communicating and being entertained. With non-traditional advertising content, targeting and boosting, we can now put your businesses message on their phones, too.
Ad Types
 Universal Boosting**
Facebook Boosting
Instagram Boosting
Content Branding 
Youtube Videos
Google Click
Facebook Click
Instagram Click
Pinterest Click
Twitter Click
Youtube Click
Retargeting Ads

    We can create custom content, including text, photos and videos. Content is an important way to let online followers know who you are and what you offer. Topics could include special offers, new arrivals, lines you carry or holiday promotions. Content keeps you engaged in the conversation with potential and current customers. We believe that “content is king.”

** Universal Boosting is a proprietary marketing tool owned by Red Rocket Media. It breaks your total monthly ad buy down by day and hour, then it automatically boosts your most recent post to your target audience.